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Welcome To Lancer Motorsports!

Aero Package Progress!

We are going to be implementing a curved plate design for our wings as opposed to the standard "teardrop" shaped airfoils found on airplanes and some FSAE vehicles. Using this design allowed us to use simple molds that only required 4 simply CNC'd mdf profiles, some "hardboard", and a bit aof brute strength.


The molds look great and straight! Our carbon material and process tools are en route to our shop and we should be ready to mold the wings next week!

2014 Science Rendezvous and Canada Wide Science Fair

The University of Windsor had the honor of hosting both the 2014 Science Rendezvous and Canada Wide Science Fair!


We had the 2012 Vehicle on display at both events, and generated a great deal of interest in the FSAE team!


We may have also found a few new drivers if our current ones do not work out...

2014 Project Purpose

The 2014 Lancer Motorsports Formula team is taking a year off from SAE competition, and is focussing on the development of new technologies and design strategies.


Through the R&D work of the 2014 team, future Windsor teams will be better equipped to bring vehicles to competition that are more innovative, dependable, and competative than ever before.

Results are In!

We got a few solid runs in on wednesday, and it looks like we have a lot of work to do to smooth out the torque curve.


More updates and videos to come!

Ready For Dyno!

With any process of optimization and tuning, you always have to figure out where you are, before you can decide where you need to go next.


For us, that starts with throwing the car on the rolls and getting as much data as we can.


For the next two days we will be doing sensor calibration runs, followed by some baseline torque curves to see what we are up against.


Tuning season 2014 here we come!

Lancer Motorsports Is Now Recruiting!

We are now looking for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year mechanical engineering students with an interest in automotive research and autosport.


Any interested students should go to the recruitment page HERE.


Feel free to come check us out in the shop Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm


We look forward to working with you,

Team Management

Meet The Team!

Team bios are now up!


Head over to The Team page to meet the 2014 Lancer Motorsports Formula Team, and see what everyone is working on right now


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  • Brian - FSAE Alum (Saturday, January 25 14 02:54 pm EST)

    Love the new site! Looking forward to seeing what kind of changes you boys are going to make this year!

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